Between April and May 2011 Amnesty International issued three Urgent Action appeals on the cases of Faizan Rafiq Hakeem, Murtaza Manzoor and Zaffar Shafi Hakeem. Faizan (detained when he was 14 years old) and Murtaza (detained when he was 17 years old) have since been released. In September 2011, Amnesty International also wrote to members of the Jammu and Kashmir State Assembly, calling for the repeal of the Public Safety Act.

Between October 2012 and April 2013, Amnesty International issued four more Urgent Action appeals on the cases of Danish Farooq (16 years old), Sajad Mir (16), Aadil Khan (17), and Asif Shaksaz (15).

These four individuals were detained after the Jammu & Kashmir State Assembly had passed amendment in May 2012, including prohibiting the detention of anyone under the age of 18 under the PSA. All four have since been released.